CAS Achieve Excellence in MCM/ICM Contest

2017-05-03 16:02:00

The results of 2017 MCM/ICM contest have been announced. Fourteen teams from JUST achieve six Honorable Mentions and eight Successful Participants.

           Globally, 7700 colleges and universities take part in the 2017 MCM/ICM contest, including Harvard University, MIT, Peking University and Tsinghua University. Four teams of 12 students from CAS Participate in it, among which 3 teams achieve Honorable Mention and one win Successful Participant.

          The Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) is a multi-day mathematics competition held annually in USA, during the first or second weekend in February, since 1985 by COMAP and sponsored by SIAM, the NSA, and INFORMS. It is distinguished from other major mathematical competitions such as Putnam by its strong focus on research, originality, teamwork, communication and justification of results. It runs concurrently with the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM). At the beginning of the contest, teams have a choice between two problems. Problem A involves a system that requires the use of continuous mathematics, and thus often involves concepts from geometry, physics, or engineering. Problem B involves a system that requires the use of discrete mathematics. In 2016, a "data insights" problem was added, where teams are given access to database files and tasked with using them to answer a question. This problem was designated as Problem C, though previously, Problem C referred to an ICM problem. These problems tend to be open-ended, and are drawn from all fields of science, business, and public policy. Thousands of international teams of three undergraduates compete to produce original mathematical papers in response to one of two modeling problems. Initially, participation was largely from the United States, however in recent years international participation has grown significantly, particularly from the People's Republic of China, so that in 2007 teams from the United States comprised only 24% of total participation. In 2014, the percentage of teams from the People's Republic of China reached a record high of 92.9%.

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