CAS Repeats Success in The Faculty Volleyball Match of 2017

2017-06-07 15:54:00

Held by the School Union, the Faculty Volleyball Match of 2017 comes to a successful end on June 4th. CAS man’s staff  reclaims the crown and woman’s staff wins the second place.

Thirty-four teams take part in the 16-day Faculty Volleyball Match, including 19 men’s team and 15 women’s team. CAS pays high attention to it. The College Union holds the mobilization meeting and is ready to do the logistics service. During the match, Deans of CAS, Xie Linquan, Chen Yiqiang and Zhang Yaoping visit the site in person to cheer the team up. In the field, the athletes are in high spirits and cooperate with the tacit understanding, demonstrate the superb skill and the tenacious fight.

This  faculty match not only enriches the amateur culture life of the staff, but also strengthens their body and  enhances reputation and influence of CAS.