A Lecture Given by "Magic English Cook" Zhang Liyong

2017-04-13 15:21:00

Zhang Liyong, a former cook of Tsinghua University and famous domestic inspirational figure, was invited to CAS, giving a lecture “Striving Youth is most Beautiful——to be a Responsible College Student”.

Born in a poor family in Chongyi county of Jiangxi Province, Zhang Liyong dropped out of high school at the age of 17. During his job hunting, he was rejected several times for no education diploma. In 1996, he got a job in the canteen of Tsinghua University. From then on, he committed to learning English 7 to 8 hours a day. For testing his study, he took part in TOEFL examination in 2001 and got a high mark 630 points out of the full score 677 points.

 Zhang Liyong earned this score through diligence and self discipline. His experiences tell the students to be self-confident and brave. At last, Zhang Liyong wished the college students to be their personal best with four mottos: Be right; Be good; Be myself; Try my best.