A Job Fair Is Successfully Held in CAS

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Campus recruitment site

Wu Ziqiang, the Vice President of JUST, communicates with the leaders of Huan Resources and Social Security Bureau of Qingyuan City on graduates employment work

Line up to apply for a job

             In order to build the information exchange platform for the employers and employees and help the college graduates find jobs, a job fair for Guangdong and Fujian area is held by CAS on the Metallurgy Square on April 15, 2017. Wu Ziqiang, Liu Zuwen, the Vice Presidents of JUST, Xie Linquan, the Dean of CAS and Tao Zhixiang, the Deputy party secretary visit the campus recruitment site in person.

More than 50 enterprises attend the special recruitment, including various 1600 employment positions from the lines of energy chemical industry, mobile communication, software development, financial investment, machine manufacturing, internet etc. On the day of recruitment, the resumes delivered by graduates come to 655 pieces, among whom 275 ones are interviewed, 117 reach employment intention and 23 sign with employing units.