The 6th Campus Top Ten Singers Competition of Golden Bay Cup

2017-04-17 10:13:00

·                 The 6th Campus Top Ten Singers Competition of Golden Bay Cup is held on Golden Campus by CAS on April 16.

·                 After layers of the selection, 20 contestants are through to the stage of the final. The opening hip-hop “All I Wanna Do” kick the final. Audiences waving their cellphone flashlights, the singer Fu Junfei’s “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” pull the atmosphere to the climax. The songs “Square miles”, “One thousand sad reason” receive applause and cheering.

            At last, Ge Yunxia wins the champion, and the silver and bronze is separately get by He Zhicong and Huang Yajia. The other Top Ten winners are Zhong Weiqi, Chen Pan, Huang Tianyu, Wang Wei, Duan Xingyu, Li Haodong and Fu Junfei. Yu Ming wins the “Best Choice Award”. 

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