Heartwarming! Raised 50,000 Yuan Materials, College Student of CAS Teaches Voluntarily in Yunnan

2017-03-27 10:15:00    IECO    709    Original

1400 kilometers far away from Ganzhou city, Chen Zhangrun, a volunteer teacher, has his simple dinner after finishing teaching task and starts the homework correcting in a village primary school of Yunnan Province on March 27. Chen has been going through the work for half a year.

Back to November of 2016, during the peaks of college job fair, Chen Zhangrun, a senior of CAS, gave up three good internship opportunities and packed his bags from CAS to be a volunteer teacher in Goutou Primary School of Tuoni collage of Yunnan Province, where locates in Yunnan-Guizhou-Sichuan junction and is surrounded by mountains with poor medical condition and material shortage. It is a typical left-behind children school in poor mountainous area with 248 pupils.

Besides his daily teaching, Chen Zhangrun builds a library at his own expense,  fixes the classroom windows for the kids to keep warm and insists home visiting every weekend. What’s more, he launched an appeal for donations named “Care for Left-behind Children——Be with You”and raised good and materials for 50,000 yuan.

At the moment, Chen is still teaching in Goutou Primary School. For the future, he doesn’t give too much thought, “I just want to help the kids to the best extent possible”, that’s his words.