University Strategy

Our college adheres to the mission of “Valuing humanism, highlighting its characteristics, and training applicable talents” and advocates the ideas of “Student as center”, “Teacher as guider”, “Quality as essence”, and “Management as service”. Scrupulously observing the school motto “Diligence, Rigor, Veracity, and Innovation”, we have been continuously exploring the ways to optimize school management. With the gradual popularization of China's higher education, based on the locality of our college, we pursue our unique way to manage our school, stick to the education objectives of “Broad Range, Solid Foundation, Competence Orientation, and Individuality Seeking”, and pay attention to improve students' specialized knowledge, practical skills, and general competence, with the key aim of cultivating applicable talents full of creativity and pioneering spirit. Through regularly employing overseas teachers, our college provides excellent environment to cultivate our students' ability of foreign languages use in real situation and their international communicative competence in particular. Till now, our college has sent out more than ten batches of graduates into the society, and those graduates have a reputation for being good at applying theories to practical work, with high comprehensive quality, and full of creativity.